Engine Yard

How it Works

Engine Yard Cloud ensures your application environment is reliable, scalable and constantly up to date. All software components are optimized and managed continuously to ensure stack consistency, quality and ongoing compatibility with applications and the underlying infrastructure.


Once you create an account, you can access Engine Yard through the product interface or command line interface (CLI). The easy to use interface can be used to configure environments, deploy new applications, monitor performance, configure alerts and scale instances up and down.

  1. Provide your Git repository or select one of our sample applications
  2. Specify the type of application or framework - Ruby, PHP or Node.js
  3. Create the application

You can optimally specify environment customizations including runtime, database and web tier frameworks.

  • Every instance runs an Engine Yard maintained Linux distribution.
  • Instances are optimized to Engine Yard best practices.
  • Customize the default environment configuration with Chef recipes and optional packages.
  • Control your environment with either web or command-line interfaces.

Running Application

  • Engine Yard instances run in a dedicated tenancy model. A given environment is isolated from other customer environments, is self-contained, and includes dedicated compute, storage, and database services
  • Applications run directly on the infrastructure independently of our platform. No intermediate layers or routers exist in between running apps and the infrastructure so your apps run even if our platform becomes inaccessible
  • Applications run on the selected platform components, which logically become part of the application and remain with it while it runs.
  • No Engine Yard components (besides monitoring and management agents) run in your app stack. All components running in your app and non proprietary. Your app is yours.
  • Environment controls include SSH access to servers and the ability to bring custom Chef recipes for configuration
  • Instances are available in various configurations to meet CPU, memory and disk space needs and can be configured to serve applications, databases and background processes and utilities

Automation and Orchestration Engine

The Automation and Orchestration Engine is the core of the Engine Yard PaaS

  • Engine Yard runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • When you click to request an environment, Engine Yard boots a dedicated server, provisions it and deploys your code
  • A rich set of capabilities and features enable the configuration, deployment and management of applications.

    • Self-service provisioning
    • Fine-grained controls
    • Scaling
    • Monitoring and alerting
    • Database replication
    • Cloning
    • Snapshots and backups
    • Business Continuity
    • High Availability
    • Security

  • The table below summarizes the various operations and tasks Engine Yard automates.

    Component Automation System Automation Lifecycle Automation
    Component configuration management Backup management and management Platform hardening
    Configuration optimization Snapshot management Patch integration and administration
    Automated component deployment/restart Cluster configuration and management Key based authentication
    Automated VM imaging Cloning administration Proactive vulnerability management and 3rd party assessments
    Automated VM configuration Database replication Scheduled network tests
    On demand scaling Monitoring and alerting Component stack control
    Resource optimization Load balancing Resource dedication

Platform Components

  • Engine Yard curates and maintains pre-integrated, pre-tested technology stacks for Ruby, PHP and Node.js applications.

    • Web and application servers, hosted and local databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL and Riak, built-in monitoring and process management, an Engine Yard optimized Linux distribution, in-memory caches and more
    • Runtime components such as libraries, frameworks and services that you use to build your application
  • Engine Yard Add-ons are third party services from leading vendors and SaaS providers that seamlessly complement our platform {to provide additional application capabilities}. Add Ons range from email to databases to monitoring and alerting.
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