Engine Yard

Cloud application platform for web and mobile apps

Application developers, architects, DevOps personnel and IT administrators and managers in startups and enterprises use Engine Yard to boost innovation, increase agility and offload operational complexity.
The table below summarizes application types and their use cases on Engine Yard.

Solution areas/ Use cases Examples
Software as a Service
  • Multimedia processing
  • Two way notification system
  • Social photo tagging
  • Social gamification
  • Online charities
Mobile applications
  • Mobile games
  • Social networking applications
Corporate and brand websites
  • Hosting of corporate and brand websites
  • Partner and customer portals
Content and media websites
  • Interactive, rich media websites
  • Online promotions and deals
  • Online shopping storefronts
  • Travel storefronts
Campaigns and promotions
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Sales promotions
  • New product launches
  • Games in a browser

Scaling up or down and in between

Engine Yard runs small scale web applications that require a single instance to large scale enterprise applications that require the reliability, elasticity and performance of high availability clusters. Whether you need to prototype an idea or deploy production applications, Engine Yard scales easily to meet your needs.

Across a variety of industries

Engine Yard is used in the entertainment, financial services, insurance, education, government, non-profit, retail and healthcare industries.